NaviRadar - 3D Radar Scanner

360° Radar Scanner

NaviRadar is your new range sensor for automous outdoor navigation of your mobile robot.

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Mobile Robotic Applications

Mobile Robotic Applications

NaviRadar is particullary well-suited for any typical robotic navigation application e. g.

  • Obstacle Detection
  • Mapping
  • SLAM
  • Path Following

100% Outdoor Proof

100% Outdoor-Proof

NaviRadar performs perfectly under inconvient conditions like dirt, fog, rain, snow or direct sunlight.

Of course NaviRadar can also be used in indoor environments.

ROS compatible

ROS Compatible

The ROS driver enables you to get your NaviRadar sensor work with your ROS application with ease.

Benefits from NaviRadar

NaviRadar is a compact 2D radar sensor. A rotated radar ray delivers 360° scans of the environment.

  • Measurements are not affected by dirt, fog, rain, snow or direct sunlight.
  • NaviRadar can be install behind opaque materials like plastic covers.
  • NaviRadar has a much higher resolution and range than stationary radar sensors.
  • Every measurement delivers range and velocity information for the particular angle.
  • You can adjust the vertical aperture of the radar ray. Thus NaviRadar not only provides a pure 2D scan but also objects above and below the 2D scan plane can be detected.

Technical Data

Range 0.1 m - 12 m
Distance Resolution 0.02 m - 0.05 m (configurable)
Object Resolution 0.07 m
Angular Resolution 5 degrees
Rate 1 Hz upto 15 Hz

All technical data are preliminary and subject to change.

NaviRadar - 3D Radar Scanner

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